Self Employment

HMRC self-employed helpline 0300 200 3504

The HMRC helpline is able to provide you with all the necessary information about self-employment and all the documentation you require to register as self-employed.  More information can be found online on an official HMRC website GOV.UK   

What is Self-Employment? 

Your work is simply more flexible when you are working as a self-employed. Your are fully in control on hours and days you work and decide what schedules to take on. You can also work for several companies or households at the same time and choose when and where you work.

Advantages of Self Employment

·       There are many advantages working as self-employed. It gives you an option to choose when you work. For example, you can work a morning or an afternoon shift only or work full time. You can decide when to work to match your particular circumstances, e.g. during school hours, term time only, only evenings etc. 

·       Also, a self-employed role gives you an opportunity to decide which clients you prefer to continue with. If you wish commercial or domestic clients or you are interested in the one-off cleans only, our friendly team will tailor clients to your particular preference and skills.

·       You can deduct certain costs – travel and some utilities bills, mobile phone communication, purchases of cleaning products and fuel – from your income when you’re calculating your tax liability. HMRC has rules about which expenses you can claim for (allowable expenses) and those you can’t (disallowable expenses).

·       You are entitled to state pension in the same way as anyone else.

·       You are generally entitled to maternity allowance if you are having a baby and you were self-employed.


How to Register as a Self-Employed Cleaner

Before you start applying online, make sure you have your National Insurance number.

You’ll then need to complete the following 5 steps:

1.  Visit the HMRC website and choose the option to “Register Online”;

2.  Set up your HMRC online account so you can manage your taxes online;

3.  Enrol for self-assessment online;

4.  Wait for your UTR number to be posted to you. The letter can take up to 10 days to arrive.

5.  Wait for your activation code so you can complete setup of your HMRC online account (it can take 7 – 10 days).


Step by step guide and much more useful information on employment can be found on


Your responsibilities as a Self-Employed cleaner

As self-employed cleaner you need to file your tax return as soon as possible after the 5th of April. You have until the 31st of January to pay your taxes. The amount of taxes you pay depends on how much you earn as a cleaner.

You will not have to pay any taxes if you earn below £12.570 per year (for 2023/2024)

To file your self-assessment tax return, you can go here:

You’ll also need to make sure you keep all your receipts support all the expenses you want to claim, as well as details of what you have been paid.

Would you like to become one of our a self-employed cleaners?

If you would like to become one of our self-employed professionals we are welcome you to register online. We work with many self-employed cleaners and we are always searching for responsible, reliable and experienced cleaners to join our team. So why wait?